• HSTYAIG Cup Cooler-Coffee Warmer Desktop 2IN1, 60℃- 2℃ Coffee Tea Drinks Mug Warmer Cooler Desktop Heating and Cooling…

    ●【KEEP 2℃ – 6℃(37℉- 44℉) OR 40 – 60℃(104℉-140℉)】 After selecting the heating mode, the warmer plate will be at a constant temperature between 40℃ – 60℃ for 24 hours. Use for coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, baby bottle or soup and more. After selecting the cooling mode, the cooling plate will be at a constant temperature of 2℃ – 6℃ for 24 hours. Use for cola, soda, milk tea, milk, orange Juice, beer, wine, etc.
    ●【350ML ALUMINUM CUP + TRANSPARENT COVER】 The beverage can be directly poured into the cup or the beverage container is put into the cup. The transparent cover (Limit height 6.3inch) can improve the effect of heating or cooling, and can also prevent dust.
    ●【EASY TO USE】 One-touch start-up touch switch,Quick Cooler Cooling Cup is easy to operate. You can pour out beverage or water directly into the cup,and then turn on the power switch,portable and practical. One button control to switch between different modes, very convenient to use. With this small , you can always enjoy hot tea/coffee/milk in your office, while enjoying the cold cans and chilled beer wherever you want. Keep whatever you’re drinking the perfect temperature all day.

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