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  • Liani | Mid Century Modern Chair (White) – Designer MONOFRAME Modern Dining Chairs Set of 4 for Living Room Accent Chair…

    ⭐ A WORLD FIRST IN STRENGTH: While most mid century chair brands boast an easy 4 screw assembly, you’ll be more satisfied to know Liani chairs feature Designer Monoframe with 12 Bolts but ALSO easy assembly. Not only is this a world first, but the unibody frame is naturally stronger so you, your kids, friends and family are safer from screws coming loose, and nasty falls. In fact, we guarantee it.
    ⭐ TURKEY, NOT CHINA: If you care about style and unbreakable furniture, it makes perfect sense you also care about where things are manufactured. We use professional artisans and precision injection molding from Turkey for our dining chair set. From the natural beechwood legs and matching hardware to the hand-finished lacquer, your Mid Century Dining Chairs are only for those who recognize craftsmanship.
    ⭐ WE DIALED UP THE COMFORT, TOO: Instead of mounting your seat direct to the retro chair frame we added Rubberized VibeSorb Dampener between the seat and frame. They absorb any jarring as you sit. The special Body Contouring PolyFlex Seat is neither too soft, nor too rigid, allowing you to gently lean back on this dining room chair without a feeling of falling, or being too upright and uncomfortable.